It all started with an idea. Why wait for Tezos to 10x when we could bring the 10x to Tezos? Thus, Tezos10x was born, an abomination of a yield farming system so absurd it shouldn't exist, but here we are.

What is Tezos10x?

Tezos10x is the first and core token of the 10x token farming system. There are approximately 60,748,904 Tezos10x tokens in existence, and that number will never increase.

Branching Farm Paths

The 10x system may best be described as a branching yield farming tree. The system begins with Tezos10x, which can be staked to earn Tezos100x, and the 100x tokens can then be staked for Tezos1000x. From 1000x, the path will split to TZRed and TZBlue.

The yield farming paths are intended evolve based on community input. In the case of TZRed and TZBlue, the token that has more liquidity in their pool after a certain amount of time will have its branch extended (although the "loser" branch may be revisited at a later time).

Tokens earlier in the tree will be reused later in the farming tree to create unique token combinations. For example, a yield farming pool may be created that requires TZBlue and TZ10X to be staked, yielding TZDiamond.

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